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Fantasy Masterpieces (Vol. 1)  1  VF/NM to MINT.   Small thumbnail graphic may/may not display actual item for sale.  Cover Scans of actual item may be available for valuable items by emailing orders1@oldmold.com.
 •  Fantasy Masterpieces (Vol. 1)
  1  VF/NM to MINT  ($225.00)

 •  Justice League of America
  7  abt VG  ($64.35)

 •  Metal Men
  25  abt VF  ($52.50)

 •  Funny Stuff
  4  abt FN  ($99.00)

 •  Green Lantern (2nd Series)
  53  abt VF  ($62.25)

 •  Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 1)
  SE 1  abt NM  ($587.80)

 •  Conan the Barbarian
  5  abt NM  ($210.00)

 •  Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, The
  14  abt VF  ($172.50)

 •  Adventures of Bob Hope, The
  11  abt FN  ($92.50)

 •  Iron Man (1st Series)
 •  Watchmen
 •  Showcase (1st series)

 •  Wolverine (1982 Ltd. Series)
 •  Strange Tales (1st Series)
 •  Teen Titans, The (1st series)


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