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 •  Spawn
  8  VF/NM to MINT  ($4.50)

 •  Spectacular Spider-Man (Magazine)
  2  abt NM  ($495.00)

 •  Atom, The
  35  abt VF  ($55.50)

 •  Valor (E.C.)
  1  abt VG  ($81.00)

 •  Tales of the Unexpected
  9  abt VG  ($57.20)

 •  Incredible Hulk, The
  117  abt NM  ($88.00)

 •  Brave and the Bold, The
  58  abt VG  ($54.50)

 •  Heroic Comics
  58  abt NM  ($140.00)

 •  X-Men (1st Series)
  120  abt VF  ($58.05)

 •  Unknown Soldier, The (Mini-Series)
 •  Green Lantern (2nd Series)
 •  Bomba

 •  Wolverine (1982 Ltd. Series)
 •  Weird Fantasy (E.C.)
 •  Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi


We will be constantly updating our selection of inventoried items on our website. We will update this page as we complete each upload. We have tons of comics available, so don't hesitate to ask about books not marked as "in stock".

  •  Keep an eye on OUR EBAY STORE... Check there often for sales, auction listings, and different kinds of items/packages that may not be found on our main site.

RECENT "IN STOCK" ADDITIONS (items newly added to this site):

JUNE 30, 2010 additions: Highlights of this upload include a variety of comic books including: Mostly Television/Movie related titles, with Westerns, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy genres. And as always, a smattering of this and that. This upload consisted primarily of Bronze Age to Modern comics. Titles include nice runs on various Jonah Hex/Hex titles (including Weird Western Tales), various Red Sonja titles (including nice runs), various Predator series, various Aliens series, A-team, etc. Some key books include: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1 (and Annual 1), Avengers 2 CGC, some early Captain America (Silver Age) including 101's and 102, a nice run of early Bronze Daredevil including the first Black Widow issues, high grade Heroes, Inc. Presents Cannon 1 (1969), key Jonah Hex issues including #1, key Red Sonja issues including #1's, New Teen Titans (1st Series) #2 (1st Deathstroke), Power Man & Iron Fist 17, Showcase 34 (1st SA Atom), Spectre 1 (Silver Age), Thor 126 (1st issue of that title), etc.
                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR JUNE 30, 2010 LIST OF NEW ITEMS

NOVEMBER 20, 2009 additions: Highlights of this upload include a variety of comic books including: 3 full boxes. This upload consisted primarily of Silver Age comics from the mainstream Marvel and DC titles. Included were some nice 30-50 issue batches on many Silver Age titles, with some 10 cent Superman/Superboy/Lois/Jimmy related comics, and some early Marvels such as early Avengers, early Lois Lane's, and early Sgt. Fury's. Additionally we added a large run of various G.I. Joe titles from 1982-the mid 90's. We also added a handful of various Golden Age through Modern issues. Some nice Silver Age runs include: Action Comics, Adventure Comics, Avengers, BlackHawk, Challengers of the Unknown, Detective Comics, Doctor Strange, Doom Patrol, Fantastic Four, Nick Fury, Agent of Shield, Sgt. Fury, Silver Surfer, Superboy, Superman, Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Thor, World's Finest, etc.
                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR NOVEMBER 20, 2009 LIST OF NEW ITEMS

MAY 1, 2009 additions: Highlights of this upload include a variety of comic books including: 3 full boxes. Large runs (with keys) on the following titles: All-Star Squadron, Wolverine (1988 series), and various other Wolverine titles, Marvel Comics Presents (many featuring Wolverine), Star Trek (various titles including the 1984 Marvel series), Flash (Silver Age), great run of Green Lantern (Silver Age) from #3 up (including some nice high grade material), some Terminator titles, and some Star Wars titles. We also added various magazine format comics, including some very high grade Silver Age Creepy, Vampirella, and Spectacular Spider-Man magazine #2 (from 1968), and a 1930's Mickey Mouse Magazine. Some Key books and highlights from varous ages include: Amazing Spider-Man 101, Batman: The Dark Knight 1, high grade early Captain Americas (possibly signed by Jack Kirby), Daredevil 131, 158 (1st Miller DD), 168 (1st Elektra), Fantastic Four 52 (1st Black Panther), Fantasy Masterpieces (1st series) 1 (high grade), Green Lantern 3, 40, 59, 76, and most Silver Age issues including most Neal Adams issues, Hero for Hire (1st series) 1, Man from U.N.C.L.E. 1, Marvel Super-Heroes (1st series) #1, New Mutants 87 (1st Cable), Patsy and Hedy 1, Real Fact 1, Secret Origins (1st series) 1, Star Trek (Marvel 1984) 1, Superman Annual 1, Swamp Thing (1972) 1, Teen-Age Confidential Confessions 1, Terminator: the Burning Earth 1 (1st Alex Ross comics work), Uncanny X-Men 266 (1st Gambit), Wolverine (1988 series) 1, Wolverine (1982 mini-series) 1-4, some Winnipeg Pedigree collection high grade Silver Age X-men, etc.
                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR MAY 1, 2009 LIST OF NEW ITEMS

DECEMBER 17, 2008 additions: Highlights of this upload include a variety of comic books including: 2 boxes full of mostly DC Silver and early Bronze Age comics (and a little Golden Age) with some keys, 10 cent DC's, and large (some near complete) runs on the following titles: Batman, Brave and the Bold, Detective Comics, Flash, Justice League of America, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman; key books such as Donald Duck Linen Book 978 (1st book ever devoted to Donald Duck), Large Feature Comics 5 (1939 - 1935 - 1st Tarzan comic), Showcase 30 (Origin SA Aquaman), Metamorpho 1, Brave and the Bold 30, 35, 36, 57, 58, 60, Flash 137, Justice League of America 9, 21, 22, Tales of Suspense 48 (New Iron Man armor), Watchmen 1-12, etc.
                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR DECEMBER 17, 2008 LIST OF NEW ITEMS

JULY 3, 2008 additions: Highlights of this upload include a variety of comic books including: Major and minor key books - Tales of Suspense 39 & 40; Iron Man 1-18, etc. with multiple copies including #1 (2 copies); Star Trek (Gold Key) #1 with photo back cover; Daredevil 1; Green Lantern 1; House of Mystery 1; Incredible Hulk 182; Iron Man & Sub-Mariner 1 (2 copies); Showcase 36, 55, 56; Superman 199; Large run of Tales of Suspense from 39-99; some Golden Age Action & Superman; Amazing Spider-Man 10, 135, 136, 252, 298, 300; Atom 2 & 3; run of Batman 402-440; Silver Age Captain America, etc.
                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR JULY 3, 2008 LIST OF NEW ITEMS

DECEMBER 14, 2007 additions: ---This was one of our best uploads to date. Highlights of this upload include 3 Long boxes of comic books including: Major key books - Famous Funnies a Carnival of Comics (1933) - the second comic book!!! with excellent page quality, Avengers 1, Avengers 4 (1st Captain America in the Silver Age), Atom 1, Journey into Mystery 83 (1st Thor), Daredevil 1, Blondie Comics 1 & 2, Iron Fist 14 (1st Sabretooth), Flash Gordon 1 (Harvey); early CGC Incredible Hulks (4, 5, 6, 103, 105, etc.); A handfull of early Amazing Spider-man below #20 and Fantastic Four below #10 (including #3); Pre-hero Tales to Astonish and Tales of Suspense; Large runs of Iron Man (1968 series), Teen Titans (1st series), Brave and the Bold (1st series), Phantom Stranger (1969 series), Doctor Who (1980's Marvel); Quite a few 1960's and 1970's number ones including Shazam 1, Captain Storm 1, Captain Action 1, Metamorpho 1, Plastic Man 1, Mickey Mouse Club 1, Secret Six 1, Phantom Stranger 1, Beware the Creeper 1, Bomba 1, Mister Miracle 1, Demon 1; 50 or so Gold/Silver Four Colors including the first Captain Kangaroo; A short box of various Golden Age including EC's, Crime, Fawcett, early Atlas Horror, Heroic comics (super high grade), early Archie, and about 60 Fiction House comics such as early Sheena, Jumbo, Jungle, Longbow, Wambi the Jungle Boy, Rangers Comics, Wings, Ka'a'nga, Fight Comics, etc.
                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR DECEMBER 14, 2007 LIST OF NEW ITEMS

SEPTEMBER 20, 2007 additions: ---Highlights of this upload include a few long boxes of various Gold, Silver, Bronze and Modern comic books. There were a few near complete runs (with KEYS) including Incredible Hulk (1st series), Hulk, Incredible Hulk (2nd series), X-men and Uncanny X-men (1963), Tales to Astonish (1st series featuring Hulk), Tales of Suspense (1st series featuring Iron Man, Captain America, and the Sub-Mariner), Hawk and Dove (1960's) complete set, etc.. Also various key books were added such as Brave and the Bold #34 and 35, Showcase 34, Incredible Hulk 102, 180-182, 330, 340, Annual 1, Tales of Suspense 41 (3rd Iron Man), Strange Adventures 184, some Copper/Modern obscure keys, etc.
                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR SEPTEMBER 20, 2007 LIST OF NEW ITEMS

JULY 25, 2007 additions: ---Highlights of this upload include a few long boxes of various Gold, Silver, Bronze and Modern comic books. There were a few nice runs including Amazing Spider-man including #1 (1963), Spawn, Transformers (1984), and various 1950's EC Comics. One full box contained only major and minor key comics as outlined HERE: (  •   Vintage Major and minor Keys including 80 Page Giant 1, Ace Comics 4, Adventures of Bob Hope 2, Amazing Spider-man 1, 20, 101, 102, 298-300, 344, 345, 360-363, etc., Aquaman (1st series) 1, Archie's Joke Book 2, Avengers (1963) 2, Beware the Creeper 1, Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders 1, Brave and the Bold 28, 60, Captain America 100, 101, 117, Conan the Barbarian (1970) 1-3, 23-24, Demon 1, Defenders 1, Fantasty Masterpieces 1, Flash Annual 1, Hawk and the Dove 1, Hawk, the 1, Hawkman 1, Hooded Menace 1, Iron Fist 1, 14, Iron Man and Submariner 1, Iron Man 1, Justice League of America 1, Marvel Collectors' Item Classics 1, Marvel Super-Heroes 1, Marvel Tales 1, 2, Metal Men 1, Metamorpho 1, Okay Comics 1, Outlaw Kid 1, Phantom Stranger 1, Sensation Comics 1, Shadow, the (2nd series) 1, Showcase 23, 38, 75, Spawn 1, Spectre 1, Spooky 1, Strange Adventures 1, 195, 205, Strange Tales 110, Annual 2, Teen Titans 1, Tomb of Dracula 1, 10, Trail Blazers 1, Transformers (1984) 1-5, Valor 1, X-Men 1, 94, and some early number late Silver Age Marvel Horror comics.   •   Nice runs including Amazing Spider-man (1963), Spawn, and Transformers (1984), Rawhide Kid, and various EC comics from the 1950's.   •   High Grade 1930's comics such as Famous Funnies 19, Four Color (1st Series) 13, King Comics 15, etc.   •  )
                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR JULY 25, 2007 LIST OF NEW ITEMS

JUNE 06, 2007 additions: ---Highlights of this upload include about 7 long boxes of mostly various Bronze and Modern comic books... (  •   There are a ton of nice semi-key bronze and modern books including Akira 1, Transformers (1st series) 1, Aliens vs. Predator 1, Batman 426 & 428, Batman: the Killing Joke 1, Batman: the Dark Knight, Daredevil 181, Dark Horse Presents 1, Elektra: Assassin 1, G.I. Joe, a Real American Hero 1, Hobbit, The (J.R.R. Tolkien's…)1-3, Justice League (1987) 1, various Valiant and Image keys/number 1's, New Mutants 1, Omega Men 3 (1st Lobo), Predator 1, Punisher (1st series) 1-5, Punisher War Journal 1, Punisher (2nd series) 1, key issues of Spectacular Spider-man (1st Frank Miller Daredevil, and first Cloak and Dagger), Star Wars 1's from Dark Horse, Superman (1st series) 423, Web of Spider-man 1, Wolverine (1st series) 1-5, X-factor 1, various X-men and Uncanny X-men Bronze and Modern keys, etc..   •   Nice runs including Amazing Spider-man, Uncanny X-men, X-men, Marvel Tales (Spider-man), Iron Man, Spawn, Spectacular Spider-man, Web of Spider-man, various Tarzans, and a nice run of the original Transformers.   •   There are also quite a few key Bronze and Modern 1st apperances hidden in the group.  •  )
                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR JUNE 06, 2007 LIST OF NEW ITEMS

APRIL 15, 2007 additions: ---Highlights of this upload include a few long boxes of mostly various gold and silver age comic books. There is also a bit of Bronze and newer material thrown in... (   •   There are some nice high grade Silver age comics such as Aquaman, Captain America (1st Series), Conan the Barbarian, Korak Son of Tarzan, Marvel Tales, Marvel Collectors' Item Classics, Plastic Man, etc.   •   There are some minor key books such as Showcase #80 (1st SA Phantom Stranger), Strange Tales #102.   •   Various EC comics from the 1950's.   •   Some old Archie comic books from the 1940's.   •   A few Golden Age Super Hero comics (Blackhawk, Detective Comics, etc.).   •   A handful of Silver Age Amazing Spider-man including an early Kingpin Appearance.   •   Some pre-hero Silver Age Marvels (Journey into Mystery, Strange Tales, Tales of Suspense, Tales to Astonish).   •   Some affordable miscellaneous low-grade material.   •   The first issues of Marvel's Doctor Who from the 1980's.   •   And some early numbers on longer running series such as Conan the Barbarian, Captain America (1st Series), Phantom Stranger, Adventures of Bob Hope, etc.   •  )
                                    CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR APRIL 15, 2007 LIST OF NEW ITEMS

COMING SOON... (items we are currently working on, and will likely be adding to this site during our next upload):

Next upload should include near complete runs of Captain America (1968 series), Phantom Stranger (1969 series), and nice groups of Four Color (series 2), and Classics Illustrated.


We acquire new inventory constantly... Here are some examples of recent purchases:

Some most recent purchases:
      Various Golden Age Superhero comics such as All-Star Comics, Batman, Detective comics, etc.; Longbox full of DC Silver Age (and some early Bronze) with minor keys featuring Flash, Teen Titans, Batman, Detective, B&B 60, and near complete run of JLA, etc.; Feature Book 5 (1st Tarzan); a handful of misc. Silver Age DC keys (B&B 30, JLA 9, etc.); 300+ Silver/Bronze Charltons (especially War, Horror, Western, etc.); Great collection of Early and key Iron Man's including Tales of Suspense 39 (1st Iron Man), 40 (2nd Iron Man), and near complete run of Tales of Suspense from #48 up with duplicates, Near complete run of Iron Man from #1 through 40 with duplicates (including 2 copies of Iron Man #1), 2 copies Iron Man & Submariner 1; Large collection of Amazing Spider-man with some keys (10, 135, 298, 300, etc.); Incredible Hulk 182 (3rd Wolverine) high grade; Star Trek 1 (Gold Key); run of semi key Showcase with 1st appearances and Atom #2 & 3; House of Mystery 1, a handful of Golden Age Superman and Action comics, Superman 199, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson 3, A near complete run of Adventure Comics from the early 1960's until the end of the series; some major Key books such as Atom 1, Avengers 1 & 4, Daredevil 1, Journey into Mystery 83 (1st Thor); early Silver Age Marvel (FF and ASM below #20, etc.); a short box of minor Silver/Bronze keys and early issues such as Phantom Stranger 1, Shazam 1, Metamorpho 1, Plastic Man 1, Brave and the Bold, etc.; Phantom Stranger near complete run #1-up 1960's-1970's; various Classics Illustrated, excellent short box of various Golden Age (especially Fiction House Jungle/Adventure/ and EC War comics such as Rangers, Jungle, Jumbo, Fight, Wambi, Firehair, Two-Fisted Tales, etc.); and a fantastic collection of 5 long boxes full of cartoon related books from the 40's to modern (mostly 1958-1975) including 3+ long boxes of 12 and 15 centers, Gladstones, Digests, etc. from many popular cartoon characters like Archie, Casper, Flintstones, Richie Rich, Dennis the Menace, various Disney, various Walter Lantz, various Looney Tunes, various Harveys, various Charltons, etc. with no duplicates. etc.

Other stuff:
      Showcase 34 (1st Atom), A variety of 80's and 90's Transformers Comics from Marvel including a nice run of 1 up of the original series, Hawk and the Dove (1960's) 1-6 and Showcase 75 (1st appearance), etc. A handful of silver age DC keys (Phantom Stranger 1, Strange Adventures 205, Spectre 1, etc.); Famous Funnies a Carnival of Comics NN (1933) (the second published comic book!!!) with excellent page quality; a nice near complete set of Wonder Woman from 1969-1987; a couple boxes of Silver and Bronze comics (Including Batman 181 - 1st Poison Ivy); a couple hundred lower grade late 60's through early 70's misc. Archie titles, teen humor, and teen romance; high grade (avg VF/NM) run of New Gods #1 up; some tv/movie related modern comics; Awesome Incredible Hulk and Hulk related comics almost complete run - missing only a hand full from 1962-2005; Multiple Star Wars collections from Marvel including all keys and annuals and ROTJ mini; Todd McFarlane comics including Amazing Spider-man complete set 298-328 up, Spider-man 1 up, Spawn 1 up; various gold/silver/bronze romance titles; various gold/silver/bronze western titles; various golden age including super hero, strip, funny animal, movie/tv etc.; nice near complete post hero selection of Tales to Astonish silver age; near complete set of Daredevil bronze to 80's including all Frank Miller and most keys from that time period (100, 131, 158, 168, 180-191); Fantastic group of Silver age Marvels including mainstream titles starting from the early numbers up of X-men, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Amazing Spider-man, and much more - very nice find; Varous Silver/Gold/Bronze DC and Marvel Superhero; nice Gold/Silver batch of Tom and Jerry, and Looney Tunes, and Bugs Bunny; boxes of Bronze and Modern all number one issues and keys; Complete/near complete runs with Keys on Marvel-Two-in-One, Sgt Fury, Captain Savage; Misc Marvel and DC keys like Aquaman 1, Patsy and Hedy 1, Captain Savage 1, Incredible Hulk 4-6, 102, 180-182, Ann 1, Star Wars 1, 100, 107, Ann 1, Amazing Spider-man 298-300, many, many more; Wolverine 1982 mini series by Frank Miller; Various CGC'd comics 60's to modern; Tons of other miscellaneous items to help round out our growing selection.

***SITE NOTICE: At the moment, we are running low on comics and magazines produced outside the United States (British comics, Italian comics, etc.). We are also running low on different giveaways, and variants. Also, low grade (Fine or lower) modern issues (1980 to present) are always fairly hard to come by on a regular basis. If you plan to order a small quantity of these, please email us for availability first.


We recently sold: Four Color Comics 456 (2nd Uncle Scrooge), X-Men 94 (1st New team in title), Brave and the Bold 60, Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane 3, Flash 139, Captain America 101, Annual 1, Thor 126, New Teen Titans 2 (1st Deathstroke), Daredevil 131, 168, Journey into Mystery 118 (x2), Metamorpho 1, Secret Origins (1961) 1, Justice League of America 9, Iron Fist 1, Amazing Spider-Man 135, X-Men 121, Iron Man & Sub-Mariner 1, Strange Adventures 205, Brave & the Bold 60, The Hooded Menace NN, Star Trek (Gold Key) 1, Uncanny X-men 248, Green Lantern (1960) 1, Conan 24 (high grade), Legend of Zelda 1 (1990), All-Star Squadron 25, Batman 426, Omega Men 3, Aquaman 11, Brave & the Bold 143-144, Amazing Spider-Man 101, Green Lantern 59, Justice League of America (1960) 1, Amazing Spider-Man 15, Showcase 23, Incredible Hulk 182 (VF/NM), Iron Man & Sub-Mariner 1, Captain America 112 (VF/NM), Superman 423, Iron Man 2, Uncanny X-Men 266, Green Lantern 29 (X2), 59, 76, Hero For Hire (1972) 1, Captain America 113, Legion of Super-Heroes (3rd series) 37, Outlaw Kid (1st series) 1, Brave and the Bold 57, G. I. Joe, A Real American Hero 2, Strange Tales 102, Daredevil 158 (1st Frank Miller Daredevil), Patsy and Hedy 1 (1952), Blondie Comics 1&2 (1947), New Mutants 87 (1st Cable), Famous Funnies: a Carnival of Comics (1933) (2nd comic ever), Daredevil 1, Sensation Comics 89 Mile High pedigree copy, Large Feature Comics 5 (1st comic book appearance of Tarzan), High grade Incredible Hulk Annual 1, 340, Iron Man & Sub-Mariner 1, Sensation Comics 1, Marvel Tales (1964) 1, 2, Watchmen 1 (x2), Amazing Spider-Man 101, 102, 300 (2 copies), Archie Comics 10, Ace Comics 4 (1937), Four Color (1st series) 13, 19 (high grade), Famous Funnies 19 and 24 (both high grade), X-men 53, King Comics 15 high grade, House of Mystery 1, Flash 129, Metal Men 1, G.I. Joe (Marvel) 1, Amazing Spider-Man 10, 13, 252, 298, Iron Man 1 (2 copies), 3, 118, 169, X-Factor 6, 23, Web of Spider-Man 1, Strange Tales Annual 2, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson 3, Conan 23 (1st Red Sonja), Incredible Hulk 4 CGC, 5 CGC, 103 CGC, 104, 105 CGC, Hero for Hire 1, Avengers 4, Aquaman 1, Avengers 1 (1963) (PGX), Tales of Suspense 39 (1st iron man), 41 (3rd Iron Man), 48 (x2), Fantastic Four 3, Marvel Super-Heroes 18 (1st Guardians of the Galaxy), Spooky 1, Journey into Mystery 83 (1st Thor), Iron Fist 14, Amazing Spider-Man 1, Tomb of Dracula 10, Brave and the Bold 28 (1st JLA), Avengers (1963) #2, Strange Tales #110, X-Men 1 (1963), Incredible Hulk 6 (CGC), 102, 141, 180 (2 copies), 181, 182, Iron Man (1968) 1, Captain America 100 (x2), 110 (x2), 111 (x2), 113, 117, various Transformers comics, quite a few original 1950'S EC's, pre-hero Marvel, Golden Age Archie, various Silver to Modern Hulk/Incredible Hulk, etc.


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